Konami botches Rock Revolution press conference

I admit that Konami has a lot of catching up to do in the US market when it comes to rhythm games. Yes, they helped pioneer the genre in Japan, however, with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band on the scene, Rock Revolution has an uphill battle. Konami had a special press conference to debut their new game, and they made a horrible presentation. Hit the jump for a video clip from their E3 show.

I try hard not to use term like Epic Fail, however, I really think it applies in this situation. Konami's senior product manager started things off well enough by picking up a real bass and playing Blitzkrieg Bop with a cover band. She can play a real instrument, cool. Then when they were over, she proceeded to pick up a guitar controller (yes, that's a Les Paul from Guitar Hero III) and it all goes downhill.

Here's a tip, if you're the senior product manager for a game that you're going to demo at E3, learn how to play the damn game. Not only did she play terribly, but she actually failed the song. Seriously, if you can't play it, then find someone else who can. I won't even go into the boring DDR-like interface that they're using for the game, or the fact that they could have picked a song that wasn't in a competitor's game. Oh, and busting out a Guitar Hero controller is a great way to promote your game too.

[via Joystiq]