Kompott Robotic Agent Makes it Easier Than Ever to Stay in Touch

As the world embraces technology, some of the world's population is still trying to catch up. While there's plenty of elderly out there that take to the advancements of our phones, computers, and even our eyes, there's just as many out there that find the whole situation far too complex for every day usage. Thanks to the Kompott Robotic Agent, students are bridging the gap between connectivity, technology, and the generation gap.

Designed by students at the Zurich University of the Art's Interaction Design lab in Switzerland, the robotic agent was specifically designed to help the elderly (or anyone for that matter, especially those who may have weakening senses necessary to work some of today's gadgets correctly), keep in touch with their loved ones with a simple touchscreen interface. As you can see from the image, that display is actually the head, or face, of the little robot. The machine will be able to receive emails and videos, plus almost everything in between, and be able to showcase them right there in the display. Users navigate by touching either the left or right side of Kompott's face, and then accessing content by touching the middle of the face.

Other features a speech synthesis so you can figure out what the little robot is holding without ever having to poke his face. Another great feature would be the speech-to-text, so that you can simply speak out loud your response to your family member, and Kompott will take care of the rest for you. And there's a button at the center of the robot's chest, which if pressed will bring up the full list of all your contacts stored within. Unfortunately, there's no plans to bring Kompott to the mass market quite yet, but what it will do without a doubt is work as a great jumping-off-point for more robots like it, with even better features to make getting in touch the easiest it has ever been.

[via Plastic Pals]