Kiwi unveils automotive gadgets to help you save gas

A company called PLX Kiwi has announced four new gadgets that are all designed to help you save gas when driving by teaching you to drive green. The devices include the Kiwi Drive Green Save Gas module, the Kiwi WiFi, Kiwi Bluetooth, and Kiwi MPG.

The Kiwi Drive Green Save Gas Module is $199.99 and can be purchased now. It has 20 lessons built in that teach you to drive greener and connects to the OBDII port on most modern cars. It has MPG gauges, engine sensors, and a trip computer among other things. The Kiwi WiFi is a $149.99 iPhone hardware/software combo that makes the iPhone into an automotive tool.

The Kiwi WiFi offers GPS track, dyno results, engine scan tool, and more with a connection to your OBDII port on the car. The Kiwi Bluetooth is similar to the WiFi with the same features and options for $99.99 but works with most Droid devices and will ship September 1. The Kiwi MPG is a small device shipping now for $89.99 that adds a MPG gauge, basic engine sensors, a trip computer, and connects to your OBDII port.