Kiwanuka iOS and Android game Review

There's a game on the iTunes App Store that goes by the name Kiwanuka, and it's made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This game is extremely simple and extremely challenging – just so long as you're not a master of geometry. UPDATE: This game now works with Android as well, and is just as excellent!

In the game Kiwanuka, your aim is to "guide the lost citizens to freedom." It's not a game that requires you be too deep in storyline – it's also not meant to be especially taxing on your processor's GPU. That doesn't mean it's not beautiful.

This game also powered by dubstep. It's not doused in dubstep tunes, but you can gain an appreciation for music born of the genre – in short bursts.

Gameplay consists of you controlling a set of little people. Very similar to the original "Lemmings" game, you're in complete control of their moves. Like the classic creature controller, you must be wary of the movements of the people in Kiwanuka.

You control a magic rod which throws lightning, the people following the lines of the lightning. If you throw lightning upward, your people will stack into a tower.

If you create a tower, you do so to push it over – pushing it to the right or the left results in the tower becoming a bridge. The bridge of people forms when the topmost person catches on to a piece of land.

Once a bridge of people is formed, the rest of your crew of citizens can walk across them. It's your job to get the people from the place where they originate out unto their goal. Your goal is to find your friends, unlocking them from their triangular prisons.

Do not focus too much on the reasons why you're doing what you're doing, and you'll find this game uniquely entertaining. Worth well and above the $1.99 USD asking price, Kiwanuka is a hidden treasure that we must assume won't be hidden for long.

We've reached out to CMA Megacorp – the developers of this game – to find the release time for an Android version of this game. They suggest that Kiwanuka for Android is "happening soon."

ALSO NOTE: Each one of these little citizens has a name. So don't let a single one die, or you'll feel terrible!

WARNING: Turn your audio down before viewing this trailer.