Kindle UK store opens (but Kindle still sold out)

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Amazon's third-gen Kindles are still sold out – even before the first ones ship – but that hasn't stopped the retailer opening the doors at their Kindle UK store.  As well as the Kindle 3G + WiFi and Kindle WiFi themselves, listed for £149 and £109 respectively, Amazon is now selling ebooks priced in local UK currency; previously, titles were purchased from the US Kindle store and priced in US dollars.

So, how does the ebook pricing itself compare?  Titles range from free to around £11, and many are roughly the same cost in both the UK and US (taking into account mild fluctuations in the exchange rate).  Readers outside the US have always had a smaller selection of titles to choose from thanks to geographic licensing agreements, so hopefully now that the Kindle store is more official in the UK the difference will reduce.

New Kindle units aren't expected to ship until September 4th, and those outside of the UK can still pick up an ereader from Amazon US and have it shipped.  More on the new Kindle models here.