Kanguru USB Duplicator

I see two possible uses for the Kanguru USB Duplicator... The first involves spies; the second involves making a tedious job go faster. While I have high hopes for the former I know the latter will be it's path.

The Kanguru USB Duplicator can quickly copy files to several flash drives at once. There are two sizes, 9 and 24 and they have the options to copy, compare, verify and format. It really is a smart tool to have around, especially if the M++ Card concept makes it on the market. You could be handing out resumes, reports, and what-have-you all willy nilly with this thing!

I have a feeling it won't be cheap but at the same time I think it'd be a worthy investment in the long run. I'd recommend it if/when it becomes available.

Kanguru USB Duplicator [via Coolest Gadgets]