Kakai Kno Features Dual 14-inch Touchscreens, Gets Showcased at D8

Evan Selleck - Jun 2, 2010, 1:12pm CDT
Kakai Kno Features Dual 14-inch Touchscreens, Gets Showcased at D8

Yes, D8 is still going on. It didn’t end after the interview with Steve Jobs. And sure enough, there’s still some pretty interesting things happening. Just as we told you a few days ago, Kakai’s Kno dual-screen tablet still exists, and it was just officially shown off on the stage at D8. There’s a couple misgivings about the tablet right at the start, but truth be told, that’s because the Kno tablet isn’t like the iPad. That’s not a bad thing, though.

First and foremost, the Kno is a big product. It boasts not one, but two 14-inch touchscreens. With those big of screens, you should expect that the weight of the device is pretty sizable, and you’d be right. At five and a half pounds, it’s not something you’d want to just carry around with you in your hand. But that makes sense, as the Kno is meant to replace text books, and it’s designed to be a desktop tablet, not one that has become immensely popular thanks to Apple’s variant.

The company has already partnered with textbook providers Cengage Learning and McGraw Hill, so it’s obvious that they’re serious about their intentions. If you’re wondering why the Kno is so big, it’s because it needs to be able to showcase already printed textbooks, without having to do much else to them. The company made sure that the dual-screen desktop tablet also featured Bluetooth, WiFi, and it’s going to support nearly all types of eBook formats, which will also include PDF. While it is a giant touchscreen, it will support stylus input, as the company wants students to be able to annotate things while in class, and in books on their own time. As for pricing, they are aiming for under $1,000, but nothing is official. Kakai is currently undergoing a round of funding, before the release date and official pricing get announced this Summer.

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