Jupiter shown with stunning detail in NASA's newest space pics

While Mars is NASA's biggest focus at the moment (as far as space is concerned), it is ramping up its efforts related to Jupiter, and recently announced the name of a planned mission to the planet. In the present, the space agency has a small spacecraft called Juno in orbit around Jupiter, where it has begun snapping and sending back photos. The photos have been made available to the public in raw form, and now amateur enthusiasts have released their own stunning post-processed versions of the images.

NASA recently dumped the latest batch of raw Jupiter photos, and users have already submitted many edited versions showing renditions of the planet with striking detail. Anyone can do this via the space agency's JunoCam website, a community where users upload their images, vote on points of interest, leave comments and more. You can view the processed images gallery here.

If you're interested in processing the photos yourself, the raw versions — which appear quite dull fresh off the camera — can be found here. All the photos, as with any NASA space photo, is public domain, meaning you can do whatever you like with your processed version — print it out as a poster, share it on Facebook, and similar.

Some users have gotten extra creative and remixed the Jupiter photos into existing artwork, such as the Van Gogh rendition by Amelia Carolina shown below. Some of the processed photos are shared as public domain offerings, while others have a Creative Commons copyright applied.

SOURCE: Business Insider