JookBox speaker lets every listener add to its playlist

The wireless speaker market is getting crowded, being packed by big players like Sonos and smaller brands alike. That doesn't mean there isn't room for new products, however, only that they need to stand out in some way to catch attention. BSX Electronics has achieved that with its new JookBox Bluetooth speakers, boasting that they're the first of their kind that allow multiple people to add music to a central party playlist from their own devices. In addition, JookBox offers three wireless syncing options.

The JookBox offers NFC, WiFi Sync, and Bluetooth for different pairing needs, with users being able to connect up to 10 speakers at once. Control is offered through the device's related app, which anyone can use to add their own music to a central playlist; there's support for services like Spotify, as well.

The speaker houses dual 2.5-inch mid-high range drivers, a lithium-ion battery giving up to 10 hours of playback time, and sports a relatively common horizontal design (it measures in at 8- x 3-inches). The top of the unit features physical control buttons, while the back houses the micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack ports.

Jookbox is relatively new on Kickstarter, where its maker BSX Electronics is hoping to raise $35,000 for production. Thus far, nearly $11,000 in pledges have been made, with a pledge of at least $99 USD getting you one JookBox speaker. When it launches, the device will be priced higher at $199 USD.

VIA: Digital Trends