Jet-Pack Man Crosses English Channel With Self-Made 120mph Wing

A Swiss pilot has become the first person to cross the English Channel using a jet-packYves Rossy – who goes by the name Fusion Man – leapt from a plane with four kerosene-burning jet turbines mounted on a wing on his back, twisting his head and back to change direction while moving at up to 120mph.  It took thirteen minutes to cross the 22 miles between the UK and France.

Video of the jet-pack attempt after the cut

The jet-pack wing was designed by Rossy himself, and is constructed from a lightweight carbon composite; despite measuring eight feet across, even with fuel it weighs a mere 55kg (120lb).  Since having four jet turbines blaring next to your legs will do more than strip the hair from them, Rossy had to wear a flameproof suit for the attempt.

Landing is courtesy of a parachute and crossing your fingers for somewhere relatively soft and tree-free.  Next on the cards is flying over the Grand Canyon, taking off from a standing position on the ground and performing acrobatics.