ITRI showing off new flexible displays

The first, and apparently their most proud achievement is the 10.4-inch color LCD display. It's actually a cholesteric LCD or Ch-LC with a flexible LED backlighting unit.

The two are actually separate announcements, with the LED BLU only working with up to 7-inch displays. The 10.4" flexible display is unique in that it doesn't use a glass substrate, but a plastic one that is less than 10mm thick, also, it manages to be quite flexible while still showing 57% of the NTSC color gamut.

There was also a nifty Ch-LCD display that was built for roll-to-roll manufacturing. What was so special about this one is that it was 3.5-inches, but could be made to any length and it was very flexible; an array of these could probably easily be used for a large display or something of that nature.

ITRI debuts 10.4-inch color flexible display [via digitimes]