iTouchless Automatic Toilet Flusher For Residential Use

Being at CES all week, I've been surrounded by sensor based everything in the bathroom, sensors on the toilets, urinals, sinks, soap, hand dryers, paper towels, everything, and its become kind of nice. However others would argue that it's the bane of their existence and that it never works for them, I think its because they have an icy cold heart.

Regardless, you can finally, and affordably, bring some of that technology home if you wish to. This thing installs in place of the handle and that's where the sensor is, but it also replaces most, if not all of, the hardware inside your tank in order to power the flushing mechanism.

It runs of 4 C batteries and if you run out, you still have the option of a manual flush. If you want one, it will cost you $200, you could have a professional installer install it for you, but if you have anyone even remotely handy around you could probably have them do it, or maybe even do it yourself.

CES 2008: iTouchless Automatic Flushing Toilet for the Home [via chipchick]