iRoom iDock for iPad is the world's first motorized in-wall iPad mount

Bracketron is the exclusive provider of the world's first motorized in-wall iPad dock from iDock. The dock is called the iRoom iDock and it is designed to mount the iPad into the wall in any room. It will be offered in portrait or landscape models. The dock has internal audio connections and has composite connections as well.

The dock will work with both the iPad and the iPad and the iPad 2. The faceplate can be had in three colors including black, white, and brushed aluminum. That bezel can also be custom painted to match the interior of the home. The cool feature is the proximity sensor that will sense when you are near and open the dock for you to place your iPad inside.

The sensor can also be tuned off so that the iPad is inside permanently and it won't open each time you walk by. The dock shuts automatically ten seconds after you open it up. The iPad is charged when docked. If there is a power failure or overload, the dock automatically opens. Professional installation is recommended and the dock measures 220 x 310 x 66.8mm.