iPhones are fetching over $1,000 on eBay

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 29, 2007

It’s official, the first actual iPhones have hit eBay. These are from people that actually have pictures of the iPhone boxes, so we can assume that they are most likely real

So far the highest bid I’ve seen is $1,099 for an 8GB iPhone. The guy is offering free shipping and can ship it out today if you use the “Buy it now” feature. The guy got in such a hurry that he forgot to even add the button for it.

People, these may be real iPhones, but here’s an idea. If you’re that desperate to get one, why not just wait until the Apple online store opens back up and order one on there. If you can’t manage to get one then, perhaps think about eBay if you’re desperate.

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