iPhone Nano caught in an actual photo?

With all the "proof" that the iPhone Nano is real we are wondering just how long this can go on before it is debunked. A Chinese supplier is now making claim that they are selling the iPhone Nano and have pictures to prove it. So there you have it, an actual picture of the iPhone Nano, or is it?

What many people will not realize is that this may just be another Chinese knockoff. There is no way in the world that Apple would allow some Chinese company to sell the iPhone Nano before they even announced it. Some kids are going to be very let down when they blindly order this handset only to get some cheap crap in the mail.

You can also look at this from another angle; if there is a knockoff there must be a real phone to be based off of. This Chinese supplier did not have very much time to come up with and manufacture this device. Whatever this picture is, from what we can see it is one of the best looking knockoffs to date. Fake FCC branding? Come on here people, this never made it through the FCC.