iPhone-controlled DIY solar-powered tank [Video]

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2009
iPhone-controlled DIY solar-powered tank [Video]

As iPhone remote control projects go we’ve certainly seen bigger than this Arduino-based iPhone-controlled tank, but it does have the benefit of being somewhat more achievable for the average DIYer than a full-sized car, say.  Chris Rojas threw together the tabletop tank from a basket full of SparkFun parts, and now has a solar-powered vehicle he can control from his cellphone.

Video demo after the cut

The tank uses an XBee wireless connection, and the TouchOSC app to convert Open Sound Control signals into serial commands that the tank can understand via Processing.  In fact, you don’t need an iPhone to do all of this; anything that can squirt signals into Processing will do the trick.

Chris generously offers up his Arduino code, too, so a brief shopping spree at SparkFun and you can be up and running reasonably quickly.  Anybody tempted?

[via Hack N Mod]

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