iPhone 5S Gold And Graphite Shells Appear In Video With iPhone 5 Structure Comparison

Leaks and rumors regarding the gold and graphite iPhone 5S have been numerous at this point, with parts showing up in a parts replacement store in Japan and the graphite variety leaking in full earlier this week, for example. Now the gold and graphite casings have made their way into a video, their structure being compared on camera to that of an iPhone 5.

The casings were acquired by the folks at TDLToday, who say the gold is more of a Champagne color (as has already been suggested) than actual gold. That aside, they disassembled an iPhone 5 to get a comparison look at the iPhone 5S casing alongside the current handset, which you can check out for yourself in the video below. One of the most notable differences between the two is different placement locations for the screw slots as shown by the white arrows in the image above.

The different placement of the screw slots means the launch board doesn't quite fit the way it is supposed to, and attempting to rig it into the system regardless resulted in the SIM card tray not fitting it properly. As such, ambitions of reassembling the iPhone 5 with the gold casing were abandoned, but the differences between the two did hint at what Apple could be doing.

Most to point, the changes show that there will be more room for a battery on the left side of the handset and a bigger processor in the mix of it all. The flash slot on the back of the casing is different than on the iPhone 5, while the rest of the external elements remain the same as with the current generation handset. Most of the changes will be internal, with less notable differences being different screws at the top.

In case you missed it, the iPhone 5S made an appearance on Gamestop's website last night alongside other iPhone models, with all three varieties – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB – receiving trade-in value prices. The listing did not include an image, however, and though it was up for a fair while, it has now been removed.

SOURCE: 9to5Mac