iPhone 5 survey shows 41 percent plan to purchase

According to a study by mobile ad network InMobi, 41 percent of North American mobile phone owners plan to purchase Apple's upcoming iPhone 5. The forecast surveyed users in the US, Canada, and Mexico and found that if the next-gen iPhone turns out to be a more radical update then over 50 percent of those users would make the purchase within the first six months.

InMobi suggests that Apple may also get a large number of converts. It estimates that up to 52 percent of BlackBerry owners would make a dash for the iPhone 5, while 28 percent may choose the more modest iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S update. Android isn't excluded either as the study indicates that as many as 27 percent of Android users could make the switch to the iPhone 5, while 11 percent may opt for the updated iPhone 4.

Among current iPhone owners, 51 percent are expected to make the leap for the iPhone 5. However, InMobi notes that if the next-gen iPhone turns out to be only a modest upgrade, then the interest level drops down to 11 percent. But either way, RIM seems set to lose a big chunk of customers to the next-gen Apple smartphone, with even a modest upgrade attracting almost one-third of its customer base.

We'll find out soon just what kind of upgrade the next-gen iPhone will be at the "Let's Talk iPhone" event on October 4—next Tuesday. Make sure to tune in as we'll be covering the Apple event live at http://live.slashgear.com/.

[via IntoMobile]