iPhone 5 mini dock appears in new shell photos

This afternoon the folks at iResQ have snapped a few photos of what appears to be the back shell of the next-generation iPhone ready for release next month by Apple. This device appears to be essentially the same thickness as the previous generation iPhone 4/4S, but a major change appears in the bottom end of the smartphone's final build. Here it appears that a new generation of Apple mobile products may be born in a dock connector that is essentially 1/4 the size of the original 30-pin "iPod dock".

This next-generation device has been tipped to have a 4-inch display, components that allow for a much bigger battery size than in previous models, and a new configuration at the top and bottom of the unit. The bottom of the device now appears to have two screws (as per the previous generation) but moves the headphone jack from the top of the device down to the bottom. The bottom of the device also utilizes individually drilled holes in the aluminum ring that surrounds the device rather than relying on separately attached grilles.

The photos shown here show what's said to be the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next-generation iPhone's final name will be) using the new "mini dock" which we've been hearing tips and rumors about for several months. Pictured here is an inside view as well as an outside view, showing that the connector's size makes a major difference on the inside as far as size goes, with little space necessary for the far fewer pins this futuristic connector certainly requires. We've heard several different possibilities ranging from a 16-pin connector to a 9-pin to an 8-pin.

Those of you waiting for the new iPhone should prepare to purchase a converter accessory if you plan on using your previous generation accessories. Apple has been rumored to be making a low-cost converter device for its loyal consumers so that it might stay in the good graces of the massive amount of 3rd party accessory makers in the field today. This accessory may also be included in the box when users pick up a brand new iPhone 5 later this year.

Check out the timeline below to see what else has been rolling around the tip mill over the past few days and set your calendars for September 12th – that may well be the day!

[via MacRumors]