iPhone 12 Pro might finally get a 120Hz screen, even better cameras

There are rumors that Apple's next iPhones might be a tad late or in limited supply due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If these latest batch of leaks are on the mark, however, it might be worth the wait, at least for those that can afford Apple's latest and greatest. According to this new information, the Pro models of the iPhone 12 will be gaining ProMotion features that, along with earlier rumors of a LIDAR sensor, narrows the gap between the larger iPhones and the iPad Pro.

While Android phone makers are suddenly hyping 120Hz or even just 90Hz refresh rates, usually with a bent towards gaming, Apple has long been using such high-refresh screens on its iPad Pros since 2017. Marketed as ProMotion display technology, the feature has been praised for giving the appearance of responsiveness as well as making things like browsing web pages look even smoother and less jagged.

That's exactly what's coming to the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro models, says the newest leak, though that has been rumored ever since the day the ProMotion iPad Pros launched. As with the iPad Pro feature, the iPhone 12 Pro will dynamically switch between 120Hz and regular 60Hz depending on the situation, putting battery life as the top priority.

The leak also talks about significant improvements on the camera side, least of which is the LIDAR that will help improve autofocus and portrait mode. Better low-light photography and 3x optical zoom will surely delight mobile photographers. On the front side, the iPhone 12 will boast of an improved Face ID with a wider angle of view despite the rumored smaller notch.

The iPhone 12 Pro definitely sounds feature-packed but it could come with a price and not just the literal one at that. If this year's iPhones will also be the first to have support for 5G networks, expect battery life to be even less. Of course, Apple will try to squeeze out as much battery life as it can but it can only do so much without increasing the battery capacity.