iPad gets Bluetooth Magic Mouse hack [Video]

Having argued why I disagreed with Apple's stance that the stylus is dead and the finger is the way forward this weekend, it's interesting to see other users obviously unsatisfied with solely-touchscreen control of their iPad.  Over at Redmond Pie they've been demonstrating how to hook up an Apple Magic Mouse to a jailbroken iPad for easier navigation.Video demo after the cut

It's not just Apple's mouse that works, either; just about any Bluetooth mouse will apparently hook up and can control the iPad, thanks to the free BTstack Mouse utility available through the Cydia app store.  The app allows you to swap buttons around and control mousing speed.

Of course, jailbreaking your iPad comes with its own potential headaches (though we're yet to hear of anyone who has actually crippled their tablet because of it) but if you're trying to replace a netbook with an iPad and keyboard, this new hack could help complete your mobile office setup.  Demo of the functionality in the video below.