iPad 2 Arrives At Radio Shack TOMORROW

That's right all you crazy iPad 2 seekers who still haven't been able to purchase the wildly popular tablet computer, you'll get your chance tomorrow when Radio Shack has the slate available at 500 locations across the USA. You'll only know if your store will be carrying the tablet if you call, but for those that do, you can rest assure that they'll have at least ONE tablet in stock. Beyond that, not much else is known! What we DO know is that some of these locations will sell out instantly while others (like the ones up here in Minnesota) will have their whole stock in stock forever.

This comes after Apple "struggled" to keep their stock up during the first days of the iPad 2 launching across the nation. Yours truly stood in line at the Mall of America for just about an hour to get the tablet, during that time the AT&T and Verizon versions selling out completely while the Wifi-only editions remained in high stacks. During this time, every single model was pushed back several weeks for shipping if you purchased the tablet online.

On the other hand again, Radio Shack will be glad to take your order bright and early tomorrow morning, having completely hidden this release until now, the day before launch. On top of that, they've done absolutely no pre-orders and no public holds on the tablets. Limits! Man! Limits!

Here's a question for all of you: do you own an iPad 2? Will you be getting one? Did you want one but were unable to pick one up yet, and plan on flying your feet out to Radio Shack tomorrow to swipe one up? Or maybe you just want to go to Radio Shack and hang out for fun?

[via MacRumors]