Intel Netbook leaked - looks boring as hell

So, if these leaked images and details are true, then the notebook you see pictured below is the new Intel Netbook. It supposedly has a 9-inch screen in a 10-inch notebook and weighs less than 3 pounds.

Also, it's supposedly runs XP "like a champ" on its rumored half gig of RAM, 40GB HDD, and 900MHz Intel Celeron processor. That processor bit apparently doesn't jive with the word on the streets that it was supposed to be packin' Intel's Atom Diamondville processor.

The processor isn't the only thing that doesn't sync up with earlier reports as the gentleman says it will cost about $400 when the educational notebook was rumored to have a price point of $250-300. The launch date seems to still be intact though with a date sometime in June of this year. Now, tell me, especially with the giant handle on the back, that this isn't the dumbest notebook you've ever seen?

[via gizmodo]