iNo Trivia Game For Your iPod

It's a trivia game, you put your iPod in and push it down and it will randomly select and play a song on your iPod, you draw a card and the card tells you what you have to guess correctly and then you hit play, it starts playing. Then you hit the buzzer thing, the first one to do so has their color LED light up on the top, you give your guess, then you pop up the iPod to see if you were right or not.

Then you push it back down, and do the same thing all over again. The categories are the usual song title, band name, album name, stuff like that, it would certainly prompt you to either play against people with totally dissimilar musical tastes, or broaden your music collection for the sake of fairness.

One upside of the device is that it can also double as an iPod speaker. I met the people that make this wonderful gadget at MacWorld, and I chose not to report on it because its pretty much limited to 5G iPods and the new iPod Classics, it wont work with the Touch, iPhone, or Shuffle, but might work with the Nano. If you want one, they are sold at Target and you can get them for $80, except the white one (there is also black and pink) is on sale for $49.79 right now.

[via chipchick]