In-game XMB confirmed for 2.40 firmware

When it comes to software updates for the PS3, it seems that only one thing matters these days. Sure, it's nice to know that you're getting "improved system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles," however, we all know you're really just waiting for in-game XMB. Well Sony has officially confirmed that it will be included in the 2.40 patch.

This has been rumored for the last few weeks, and Sony has finally confirmed the inclusion of the long-awaited feature. Unfortunately they leave out that tiny detail, the one about the release date.

All we know now is that they currently have 2.36 in the works, and 2.40 will come sometime after that. Sony has also made it clear that they will be the official source of info when it comes to a release date, and that anyone who claims to know the date ahead of time is just plain crazy.

[via PS3 Fanboy]