IFA 2007 - Scandyna add to bulbous speaker range with Micropods and odd Amp

Scandyna, who make the gloriously endearing Minipod speakers, used IFA 2007 to introduce their new Micropod, Micropod SE Active and "The Amp" lines.  The Micropods – making up the lower wave in this photo – are passive, with one 3-inch Kevlar mid/bass cone and a 3/4-inch high frequency piston; meanwhile, the Micropod SE Active builds on this with active amplification built in.

Both sets have matching subwoofers, and are available in a variety of colours.

Meanwhile, The Amp is a four-source compact amplifier offering 2 x 50W output and remote control, all in a unit that can either sit on its tripod legs or be mounted on the wall.  Two sets of stereo phono inputs and two of standard line-in jacks mean it's equally suited for regular HiFi as DAP and iPod use.  It's available in the same range of colours as the Scandyna speakers.