If Goldmember were a gamer...

Anyone that was around in the 80's will remember the Atari. This was the console to have back in the day. It never ceases to impress me that the graphics on my smartphone are infinitely better than the graphics on the best console of the early 80's. The console you see here is what Goldmember would play.

It is the old-school Atari 2600 console covered in gold. I think Goldmemeber would approve because the joysticks are rather phallic. The company behind this gold console is Urchin Associated from Australia. The console and all the accessories are plated in 24k gold. With all that gold on the console, it must be the most expensive Atari ever.

I am going to assume since it appears every surface is covered in gold that the console no longer works. This is cool; I would like to know how much gold was used. The gold console was created as part of a project called "Gold mine, All mine." The group also plated a skateboard and a bike as well.

[via Dvice]