i-Sing MP3 Karaoke Recorder

Love to hear yourself sing? How about a portable MP3 Karaoke recorder that records your voice to your favorite tunes? If you think the idea is cool, you can get the i-Sign Karaoke Recorder for $119.95.

The gizmo will create a custom MP3 file for playback overlaying your voice into the music track. It is also capable of displaying lyrics on its tiny screen that you load into the player using USB port.

The i-Sing supports WMA, WAV, and MP3 audio file formats. It features built-in speaker, microphone, and 512MB memory storage. You can expand the storage capacities using an SD/MMC card.

The rechargeable battery on i-Sing will provide more or less five hours of operation with four hours full charge. So, karaoke mania, get your groove on!

[via Hammacher Schlemmer]