Hydra Games Console Kit - 8-bit DIY game console

Tired of arguing which console you should get? Xbox360, PS3 or Wii? Why not build your own console? If you are DIY kind a guy with some programming skills, the Hydra Games Console Kit will be a nice toy to play around with. Okay, it's not exactly your modern days console, but the fun is where the word "DIY" comes in. For £199.99, you can get the 8-bit game console kit and start cracking on your home brew game.

Now you can relive those memories by creating your own classic 8-Bit style games with the Hydra Console Game Development Kit. For beginner to intermediate coders, you need only a minimum of programming experience in any BASIC or C-like language. You get all of the hardware and software you need including the Hydra console, comprehensive programming guide, keyboard, mouse, gamepad and your own cartridge to store your games on

Hydra Games Console Kit – build your own games console [via redferret]