Humans adapted to survive car wrecks are terrifying

Imagine if humans evolved in such a way that we could better handle being in a car crash. It would involve some big changes, as you can imagine; necks, spines, and ribs are particularly vulnerable and often injured in car wrecks, for example. Thanks to a trio of industrious folks, we get a glimpse at what one of those evolved humans may look like. Hint: it's horrifying. Apparently to withstand car crashes, humans will need to transform into a real-life Juggernaut.

The fellow you see above is a statue named Graham, and he was created by Melbourne-based sculptor Patricia Piccinini with the help of Monash University crash investigator David Logan and hospital trauma surgeon Christian Enfield. He was made for a road safety campaign called Towards Zero, and is supposed to highlight just how vulnerable humans are to injury in car wrecks.

Graham's most obvious aspect is his ginormous head, which features a huge thick skull described as essentially being a built-in helmet; with it, his brain is better protected and he's more likely to survive a hard blow to the head. He also lacks a neck due to, obviously, the vulnerability of necks: they are easily fractured and broken, whipped quickly from sudden jerks, and are a potential point for paralyses.

Air bags, seat belts, and steering wheels can all bruise or break ribs, and so it's no surprise Graham has modified ribs that are much thicker and better suited to impacts. The most vulnerable parts of his body are also protected by thick fat pads, especially on the head and face, to help protect things like his ears and nose.

SOURCE: The Guardian