Huddle says that it is not involved with Google+

There is a huge push in the tech world today for cloud services and everyone from Google to Microsoft is taking things to the cloud. Huddle has been offering cloud collaboration around the world since 2007 and when Google+ rolled out with its Huddle feature apparently, lots of folks were confused. Huddle has decided that it will set the record straight and is offering up some information about any dealings between it and Google.

Huddle says unequivocally that it is not involved in Google+ in any way. The company also says that any suggestions that Google has acquired Huddle are false as well. Huddle says that the statements are being made because of speculation running rampant on Twitter and elsewhere that Google and Huddle teamed up and that has not happened. Huddle's service does allow chatting between people and the sharing of documents for work collaboration.

The official statement by Huddle reads a bit like an attempt to make Google and consumers see that Google took a bit of Huddle's idea for its own Huddle feature on Google+. The catch to me is that Google+ Huddle is a group texting service whereas the company Huddle is a cloud collaboration and content management service. I've never used Huddle, but it and Google's service of the same name sound different at a glance. If you have used both Huddle services and there are some overlaps let us know in the comments.

[via Huddle]