HTC Saga Images Leaked in Taiwan

Chris Burns - Feb 6, 2011
HTC Saga Images Leaked in Taiwan

Behold a brand new phone, one that appears to be codenamed HTC “Saga.” These photos have been taken by a fellow (or a lady) in Taiwan who apparently has a “client” willing to give up a quick look. This phone runs Android 2.2.1, the photographer has compared the phone’s thickness to the HTC Legend or 7 Mozart, and it’s working with HTC Sense. This phone appears to be a flagship phone from HTC, and it’s confirmed to have the ugliest back panel that’s ever existed.

This phone will more than likely be appearing at Mobile World Congress 2011, which you’ll be able to follow by hitting the MWC 2011 portal. Once there you’ll be able to see all of our current projections for what might very well be coming out during the weeks events, as well as (once we’re there) everything that’s going on at the event.

We’d wager that the HTC Saga, whose images are above, will either be coming out during the Mobile World Congress events or sometime this week. Also feel free to head over to our sister site Android Community where specifically Android and Android related devices will be covered during the MWC events. We’ll be running around like chickens with 4 feet!

[Via Android Community]

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