HTC One (M8) gets a hammer torture test and failed

If the intent is to completely destroy your new HTC One (M8), then you need to have a look at the video below. If you want to really know – what not to do – then again, watch the video. Basically, you get a lowdown on how your keys, a butcher knife, a pocketknife and a hammer affect the device.

No one in their sane mind would want to destroy the beautiful brushed aluminum back of the device. So stay ahead and be sure not to mingle your keys or for that matter any jingle – coins – with your device. As we see in what TechSmartt put it through, the back took on anywhere from light to deep scratches, while the Gorilla Glass display holds up well to the torture.

The next acid test is the butcher knife, and this does some pretty heavy damage to the back. The display survives the test, indicating that you may not need a screen protector after all. The pocketknife is something that needs to be kept away from the device forever; it does some serious damages to the back but none to the front.

Interestingly, light to medium tapping with the hammer does no damage to the screen, but completely destroys one of the two cameras. Little more hard smashes and the display still holds up, but the back is done for. The only way you get to crack up the display is to flip the hammerhead and use the other, pointed end. Now we're talking business – crack, smash and completely destroyed. All in all we can conclude that keys and jingle can cause the phone to get distinguished everyday wear and tear marks, but anything further and the back will get scratched bad. Just don't get very testy with the hammer.

SOURCE: Android Community