HTC Hero ROM hacks put Sense UI on G1 and Magic [Video]

Chris Davies - Jun 30, 2009, 7:49 am CDT
HTC Hero ROM hacks put Sense UI on G1 and Magic [Video]

Over at our Google-obsessed sibling site Android Community we’ve been keeping track of the latest efforts to put HTC Sense onto existing Android smartphones.  After HTC’s confirmation last week that “with Google” branded devices wouldn’t be getting an upgrade to Sense, the company’s latest enhanced UI, efforts to persuade leaked Hero ROMs to run on the HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1 redoubled; happily there are demo videos which show just how well these efforts have been going.

Video demos after the cut

The projects vary in how much they modify the original ROM.  SuperHERO, from the LeakDroid project, has been quite significantly modified, but still keeps the the multitouch browser support, PMP and social-networking functionality.  Android HDblog shot the first video below; they found that aside from poor horizontal support and occasional crashes it’s a relatively usable ROM.

Meanwhile Fatal1ty’s ROM is tipped to be almost stock, aside from a couple of changes merely to get it working on the HTC Magic. tested it out in the second video below; it supports Flash in the browser, GPS and camera functionality, and all the stock HTC widgets, but there’s talk that the whole of Sense has to be reloaded every time you hit the home button.  That will significantly slow things down in everyday use.

We’re expecting to get our demo HTC Hero in very soon; if you have any questions for our review, leave them here.

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