HP Reveals Plans To Focus On Cloud, Connectivity, And Software

At a summit today in San Francisco, HP's CEO Leo Apotheker gave his first keynote since taking office to discuss the company's future strategy. HP is expanding beyond its PC and printer business with plans to focus more on cloud computing, connectivity, and software.

HP intends to build out their own cloud platform to deliver a variety of cloud computing services for businesses and consumers. Among other things, the public cloud platform will have its own app store and work with over 100 million WebOS devices that HP plans to ship within the next few years. And, through partnerships along with the acquisition of Vertica Systems, HP will be able to manage the massive database required for large numbers of consumer interaction.

When it comes to software, HP plans to offer software-as-a-service via its cloud platform. And with everything riding on the cloud, security becomes the utmost important. HP is the fifth largest security information technology company in the world and they expressed their commitment to security saying that it is the key to insuring cloud computing is safe.

The company, however, did not mention much at today's summit about the progress of WebOS, which they recently announced would ship with all HP Windows PCs by 2012.

[via Venture Beat]