HP MV2120 Media Vault home server - now with Internet accessible goodness!

This particular Media Vault product adds to it the ability to make files accessible from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. Furthermore you can set up your own little Flickr on the server with their online picture gallery software that they have built in.

For some reason this seemingly large external, network attached storage device only packs in 500GB of storage space, and offers up RAID 1 functionality in that space, what a waste. Anyways, you can backup and share data, media, and system backups across your home's network as well as stream media files to HTPC's or possibly gaming systems.

There are two USB ports on the device that can be used to expand the storage capacity of the unit or to backup the contents of the drive for safe storage off site depending on the importance of the Media Vault's contents. They are also releasing the MV5100 Pro series with 1TB and 1.5TB capacities, with it being targeted as small businesses.

[via gottabemobile]