HP Making Of Elite Tour Kicks Off With PC Spin-Off Reassurance [Video]

This week we've been invited by HP to participate in their very first Making of Elite Tour. This tour is one where we get to see many moments in the process between HP creating a device in their Elite line and getting it ready for store shelves. That said, it was pretty obvious right off the bat what the first question on everybody's mind would be given the recent news HP had for the world regarding the very sector of HP that we were about to dive into. Public Relations head Mike Hockey knew the situation and gave us a once-over before the questions were even asked.

The question is – what's going on with the PC business at HP? Back on the 18th of August, HP said they could very well be spinning of their PC division, why have a tour of a group that may well be owned by a different lead brand in the near future? What's made clear here in this video showing Mike Hockey speaking at the first gathering room of many on our tour is that HP's PC business is not only not going anywhere, they're doing fantastically well, selling somewhere around 2 PCs a second, for example, with new products coming out all the time.

As far as what would happen to HP's PSG in the near future, it's still not decided. A decision will be made on the Personal Systems Group (PSG) before the end of 2011, and should the business be spun off of HP, the process would take place over a period of 12-18 months. That's a timeframe we've not necessarily had solid up until now – but you heard the man, there it is.

[vms 67bf1fb86cf43e18d559]

This is the start of many hands-on movies to come over the next couple of days including those on creating, testing, and busting the whole Elite line of HP PCs. This entire tour will be included in our big [HP ELITE tag portal] so click back, relax, and let the video flow!

Also check out a few general ELITE HP prep slides presented in ultra-brief daredevil fashion and get ready for some large amount of coverage of this event – just like you're there!