HP launches X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse with Facebook button

HP has quietly begun shipping its X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse a tad earlier than the expected launch later this week. The X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse connects to your computer or laptop via its built-in Wi-Fi receiver and doesn't require a wireless router. This way the Wi-Fi-enabled mouse also doesn't take up one of your USB ports with a dongle, such as is needed with corded or Bluetooth mice.

The X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse features a sleek black finish and an ergonomic design with a rubber side grip, but appears to be shaped and contoured only for right-hand users. It has a touch-sensitive scroll button instead of a scroll wheel and also sports 6 customizable buttons, including one dedicated Facebook button.

The mouse can work on almost any surface and can be used at a range of up to 30 feet away. It also offers up to 9 months of battery life, which is twice the battery life of Bluetooth alternatives. However, the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse will only work for PCs running Windows 7. It is available now for $59.99.

[via HP]