HP 2311xi IPS LED Backlit Monitor hands-on

There's no better way to get lit up with LED backlit power on the high-quality end of the spectrum than with the HP 2311xi, and no less expensive way either. This monitor is set to work with IPS LED technology and is a backlit monitor to boot, with 23-inches diagonal of full HD display that's both thin and modern looking for your up to date office. Could this be the monitor you've been waiting for all your LED-loving life? Have a hands-on look at this monitor of the future on us.

The 2311xi brings on ENERGY STAR qualified innards and is EPEAT Silver registered for your green-thinking brain that wants nothing more than to conserve where you can when you can. On that same note, the LED backlighting on this monitor is mercury-free, so you can rest easy on that burning question as well. The IPS panel technology you've got working for you here gives you "ultra-wide" viewing angles as well as detailed image accuracy the likes of which you've never seen before on lesser technologically advanced gadgets.

This monitor will be popping up in June on the 24th (thats this June in 2012) and will be starting an an expected price for $239.99. This is one of whole batch of different monitors, computers, and accessories revealed this week by HP for the student, the office, the home office, and more in one big sweeping wave on the industry. Hit up our HP portal for all the HP action you can handle, including announcements as well as our own hands-on experiences galore!