Hori announces Soul Calibur IV gamepads

There's just something about fighting games that begs you to play them at an arcade. Perhaps its all of the quarters you spent as a child on Street Fighter, but it always seems more fun to mash those oversized buttons and use the joystick, rather than a boring old console controller. Well if you're looking for a new one, and anticipating the release of Soul Calibur IV, Hori has the perfect thing for you.

This pad consists of a single joystick and eight colored buttons for the PS3 version (strangely only 6 for the Xbox 360 version), which should be all you really need to open a can of whoopass on your friends. Up top you will see a few extra necessary buttons, however, those won't likely be used during gameplay.

It is interesting that the Xbox 360 controller features only 6 buttons, which makes me wonder if those extra two are really necessary for the PS3 version. Even more strange, is that you'll have to pony up an extra $10 for the 360 controller, while the other will go for only $50.

[via Siliconera]