Honda's ASIMO Had A Few Drinks And Falls Again

Well, you all saw the recent fall of Honda's ASIMO robot and you thought it was over; not so. I came across an older video of ASIMO and this time he made it up the stairs but didn't quite make it downstairs in one piece. Honda's Humanoid Robot is currently an overprice piece of machinery and technology that continues to make the audiences laugh. ASIMO's job is to make us smile and ponder Honda's greatness but it fails again in the featured video. The Humanoid cost an estimated $1 million to manufacture in addition to thousands more for maintenance. Lets not forget the repair cost when ASIMO trips over thick-air, which doesn't exist., which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, has an excellent track record versus the competition, but as technology progresses it seems to fall more and more. Honda boasts that ASIMO is a "glimpse into the future", which sorta makes sense when you consider people will eventually fall and slip on ice or something they didn't notice. We're just following in ASIMO's footsteps.

It's easy to criticize ASIMO because it's so expensive, but technological advances come at a price so there is something to be learned. If you don't have the funds to build one yourself they can be hired out for the cost of a mid-sized home; $150,000. I'd rather stick to Honda's more reliable mid-sized vehicle and take an Accord EX. The solution to the ASIMO problem is possibly this 119 lb humanoid needs to shed a few pounds or gain some in crucial areas to offset its momentum when climbing and descending stairs in front of a live audience. I think ASIMO has stage-fright.

Price: $1mil

ASIMO Falls Again, Not A Surprise [Via:]