Hitch Vault - The Mini Safe

I take great precaution in making sure I'm never without something I need, or if I am without making sure I have a backup plan. For example, I have a spare set of keys my parents keep for me and when I know I'm having a short cash flow month, I stash a little in a secret place that I often forget about until I'm in desperate need of it.

The Hitch Vault takes those same concepts and brings them a little closer and more accessible. You put into your truck/SUV standard hitch receiver and voila, mini safe. It's perfect for storing an extra set of keys, cash, credit cards or what-have-you. There's a combination lock on it and unless you're prone to forgetting numbers it's a perfect solution for making sure your essentials are safe and handy.

If this device isn't something you're interested in, I bet you know someone who could really use one and it is the season for giving. You can purchase a Hitch Vault for $70 at Amazon.

Never be Locked out Again [via Coolest Gadgets]