Hitachi Introduces Resolution Up-Converting Tech

At the CEATEC show in Japan next week, Hitachi will show off their latest technology which works to improve the resolution of standard-def to nearly 1080p quality. The up-converting tech will convert DVDs and SDTV to almost-HD and could even make HDTV broadcasts look better.


No specifics have been released yet on how this technology will work, but one thing we do know is that it "analyzes the luminance signals of input images before processing multiple regions at a time."

Each frame is processed individually in real-time, making this a very fast and efficient way to up-convert standard definition images. It can also determine between areas that are in-focus and those that are in the background and adjusts the sharpness accordingly. We can expect to see this new Hitachi tech in the wild in their HDTVs sometime after 2010.

[via Electronista]