HI-Def Player to fall below $150 in Early Nexy Year

Have you got yet? You know, the downgrading Hi-Def player that usability and stability 10 times worst than you $39.99 DVD player? If you are looking for one, according to a report from Understanding & Solutions, the price will fall under $150 shortly, may be in the early year of 2008. Due to higher grow in demand and lower manufacturer cost, the price will fall sooner than expected. The current street price for Blu-Ray unit is around $300 and the rivals are $100 cheaper. Neither one worth more than your el-cheapo Chine made DVD player if you aren't looking for higher resolution Picture and Sound Quality. For the trouble that consumer went though just to watch a simple movie, they should have paid us instead to use their immature protocol.

Study: High-Def DVD Prices to Fall Fast [via tvpredictions]