Hello Kitty Robot Is Not A Bank, But Still Takes $6,299 Of Your Money

It has been said that money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of things that make you happy. This is certainly not one of them, unless you are a kid around the age of 3 or older with a big fan crush on Hello Kitty.

Functionally the device has a few features, a CMOS sensor, microphone, lots of LED lights, motion sensor, moving appendages, and TV-out and a mouse interface (not the animal, the PC peripheral). The CMOS sensor and microphone are for face and voice recognition and the LED lights connected to its face, whiskers, and ribbons are to hypnotize your offspring/offer up some sort of output.

As for what the TV-out and mouse are for, I have no clue, probably programming/settings of the device, and maybe a built in hello kitty game or two. The movable appendages and motion sensor obviously aid in movement. Pre-Orders are happening now for the aforementioned price of $6,299

Cost of Babysitter: $50

Cost of Dinner Alone: $85

Cost of Hello Kitty Robot: $6,299

Cost of Your Kid's New Found Desire For World Domination: Priceless

$6,299 Hello Kitty Robot Replaces Good Parenting [via Gizmodo]