Haze needs 4GB of your PS3's hard drive

I have a word of advice to those with an old 20GB PS3. Upgrade your hard drive. Sure, that's four words, but you get the point. Why am I imparting this sage-like wisdom upon you? Because it seems to be a trend for developers to demand large portions of your hard drive to play their games. It seems that Haze is no exception.

Gamers everywhere were up in arms when they found out that Devil May Cry 4 needed 5GB of space just to play the game. Now this need for space is becoming quite the trend. While Haze isn't quite going to eat up a full 5GB, it will still need 4.

Honestly, I don't see developers getting off of this train, so you might as well upgrade your drive. Sony was kind enough to make it nice and easy to do, so I would suggest taking advantage of it.

[via PS3 Fanboy]