HashKey: a USB hashtag key to expedite your tweets

The world is full of devices that seem less than practical for every day use, and the HashKey can probably be counted among them, as it seems like little more than a novelty. HashKey is exactly what it sounds like: a key dedicated solely to typing a hashtag without all of that multi-button combination nonsense. It's aimed at the social media lovers among us, those who can't stand straining their hands to repeatedly hit multiples keys, and for those who, perhaps, take offense to the hashtag being denied its own dedicated spot on the keyboard.

The Hashkey is a dedicated hashtag key that connects to the user's laptop via a USB cable, allowing users to type out hashtags without going to the trouble hitting shift+3 or whatever similar combination your keyboard might use.

The HashKey is being hawked at "social media addicts", and though the Kickstarter campaign through which it is being offered provides plastic-molded versions, the folks behind the device have also shown off a brushed aluminum version and have made mention of different colors being possible in the future.

If you're interested in having your own dedicated hashtag key, you can pick one up with a pledge of £17/$26. Shipping is estimated for March. Don't want to wait? You could always just map the hashtag symbol to an existing key on your keyboard instead.

SOURCE: Kickstarter