Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! XP Sales Extended for 5 Months!

I am considering giving Vista another go with the advent of service pack 1, but after my bad experience with Vista the first time around, it's a hard decision to make. That's why I am happy that Microsoft has extended the sale of Windows XP by 5 months, which means the end date for XP sales will, as of now, be June 2008.

Why, you might ask? Demand, it really is that simple, their vendors, aka OEMs, told them there was still a pretty high demand for the OS, likely coming from the business segment, but surely there is a sufficient amount of demand from the public pool as well. I read and article from some guy that was at one of those huge LAN parties that happens at various locations throughout the world, they ran a poll, 2% of the gaming rigs there were running, this is where I have to ask what you thought the rest of that sentence was going to be? Well it ends with Vista, which means 98% of the gaming machines were still running XP.

Projections are that XP will comprise 22% of OS sales from now till they quit selling it. They will update that number in October when they have their big end/beginning of quarter meeting. Apparently Vista now supports 2.2 million devices and the top 50 consumer apps have Vista-supported versions. I love it when someone brags about a blankety-blank "supported" that usually means it wasn't made for the OS, but it'll do, let me know when the top 50 consumer apps are made for Vista, and don't just "support" it.

There were a lot of features of Vista that I liked, in fact there weren't really any "features" I didn't like, what I didn't like though, was the way it made my PC go from zipping along and almost never slowing down with XP to bringing it to a crawling, near-halt with Vista, hopefully all that's fixed now, so I might give it another try.

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