Halo Back smart screen cover adds 'back' button to iPhone

Have you made the switch from an Android device with a back button to the iPhone, which lacks one? If so, you've probably hit for that non-existent back button on more than one occasion, and now there's a solution (or, at least, the promise of a solution). It's called the Halo Back (which probably isn't supposed to be the pun it sounds like), and it is bid as a smart cover for an iPhone that adds back-button functionality for one-handed ease of use. It fits over the iPhone's display, adding very little to the girth, and will — hopefully — make life easier.

According Halo Back's maker, this is the first-ever smart screen protecter, and with it comes an invisible back button to lend the functionality to the iPhone. The protector also works as a, you know, screen protector, though that's not its primary function.

The maker goes into some details about the technology, saying that Halo Back features a circuit layer that "helps to lead current when you press lower left corner of the screen, so that the back button works". It is being offered for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus specifically.

Haloband, the company behind the Halo Back, is seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it wanted to raise $20,000 USD and has so far raised $145,000 or so with two weeks remaining. The super early bird units are already gone, but a pledge of $17 USD will get you the Kickstarter special, and that's close enough. Shipping is estimated to start this August. Planned retail price is $49 USD.

SOURCE: Kickstarter