Halo 3 launch - Didn't preorder a copy? Good luck

If you didn't know that Halo 3 was launched just a little bit ago (at least for those of us on the East Coast) you've probably been hiding under a rock. If you didn't actually head out to your favorite game store to pick up a copy, you're probably better off, especially if you hadn't already preordered a copy. These two lucky guys walked out of the store at just a hair past midnight, being two of the first people to get a copy of the game.

I decided to head down to my local GameStop, as it would no doubt be the most crowded area for the launch. I'm sure I would have found plenty of people at Walmart waiting to buy the game, but that's no fun, plus Walmart tends to have this policy about taking pictures in the store.

First, let me just say that if you didn't preorder a copy of the game, don't bother heading to GameStop. At this particular one in Lafayette Indiana there were somewhere around 450 people that preordered the game, and according to one of the people working there, they'd be lucky if they had 20 spare copies once the preorders were filled. I'd say that was a healthy number of people considering the size of the town, and that there's another GameStop in town (as well as other gaming stores) that has been taking preorders as well.

We've already seen some of the first reviews come in, (we'll be bringing you our thoughts as well) but what's really going to decide the fate of this game is you, the gamers. So give us your thoughts on the game. How many of you waited in line for a copy? How long did you wait, and was it worth it?